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Mighty Knight 2

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In Mighty Knight 2, you will fight against the evil forces. Upgrade your knights to become stronger. You can invite computers or friend to help you.


The fantastic world of Mighty Knight need your help once again in this sequel - Mighty Knight 2. The evil forces and his army of demons are at it again and are trying to destroy your kingdom. Training your fighting skills to protect the freedom of kingdom. Unlock other knights and they will assist you in the battle.

Use special abilities and combo to defeat all the enemies.

Mighty Knight 2 is a free online Action game and you can play on all browsers. You can move around with WASD or the arrow keys and attack the enemies with J key and use special skills with K and L.

Mighty Knight 2 featuring:
- Upgrade systems with character progression
- Multi save slots
- Automatic battle system
- 15 demonic stages
- 28 challenging quests
- 18 demonic enemies
- 5 insane bosses

4.71/ 5    7 ratings